School is the place where children socialize and take their first step to social life. Therefore, students’ life at school is a part of their life in the society.

In our school, there are various implementations in order to enrich their daily life facts and skills. Our purpose of using these implementations is to provide them the knowledge for a better life and prepare them for the future. In our school, it is aimed to form the structure which constitutes the background for academic improvement.

Özel Ege Primary School lasts four years starting from the first grade to the fourth grade. Students are accepted by a pre-interview for the first, second and third grades and for the fourth grade by a written exam. Renewing the registration for the registered students is verified according to schedule announced by the school.

We aim to raise our students with the consiousness of following the developments in our country and world, and evaluating and interpreting  as socially developed individuals. Within this scope, we allocate the very first ten minutes of the first lesson every day for commenting on the daily news for many years.  The students share the latest news from the newspaper brought to school, various written sources or internet with their friends.

Undoubtedly, reading habit is one of the basic habits which can be gained in the primary level. The students who are second, third and fourth grades meet the authors of the books they read monthly within “the Book of the Month” activity. The students of each level share the questions with the author and get their books signed. They get introduced to literature world beginning from tender age.

Other activities held out for the primary students are theatre and art. Our students have the opportunity for watching plays and puppet shows, and listening to operas and classic music concerts. Furthermore, they have painting, music, chess and ceramic lessons in the workplaces. They also display the products they have done in class in the exhibition areas.

In performance-based activities held throughout the year, the students have the opportunity to present their artistic emotions and capabilities by using the stage. The demonstration of some activities as ‘My Instrument and Me’, ‘Choirs’ Festival’, ‘Turkish Theatre’, ‘English Theatre’, ‘German Theatre’ and ‘French Theatre’ is made on the same stage.

Social activities are organized for the students from 3rd grade on in our primary school. By these studies which the students are given the right to choose among many others, activities which promote students’ physical, artistic, cultural and social progress are applied. Students choose one of the 35 different activities which include Gymnastics, Modern Dance, Creative Drama, Chess, Instrument with three double strings, Guitar, Violin, Go, Photographing, Cinema, Theatre, Swimming, Basketball, Table Tennis, English Drama, French Drama, English Scrabble, Aikido, Jewelry Design, Computer. Most of these subjects are given by specialists or instructors who our school collaborate with. The aim is not to select or categorize students with special abilities and skills, but to contribute to their several developments by setting up different social interaction environments.

The 1st and 2nd graders have such subjects as Computer, Folk Dances, Ceramic, and Chess in their weekly schedule. The students who are introduced with these subjects at early ages underlie our folk dance and chess teams in the following years. One of the priorities of Özel Ege is the issue of foreign languages. In our school where the medium of education is Turkish, besides English which is taught 10 hours a week German or French is taught 2 hours a week as an elective course. While foreign language subjects are taught by native teachers in full in the 1st grade, foreign language subjects are conducted by both Turkish and native teachers in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. The implication of literary work reading has been going on for many years in our school. In this implication which starts from 4th grade, the students read 1 Turkish 1 English literary work a term. The students present their books according to the pre-prepared formats. Each student makes an oral presentation of the book s/he reads.

In Özel Ege Lisesi, Yearly Projects first begin in the 4th grades. Yearly projects are based on team work of students on a topic. They are prepared as written documents by the students. The students present the project to their teacher and their classmates. The selected projects are published in Özel Ege Lisesi Project Book. The aim of this practice is to maintain the excitement of the students who have just stepped into the world of science and inventions throughout their life. In the following  classes, scientific project studies are supported by our school’s Science Committee. Every student graduating from our school has a tendency towards positive and social sciences.
In order to inspire our students starting from the 4th grade and attract their attention, ‘Science Project Competition’ is organised. In this competition in which various original projects are presented every year, awards are granted in subjects such as environment, energy, creativity, technology and design. Projects are evaluated by a jury of academicians and our science teachers.

Students from the 4th grades will take part in the 12th Science Festival organised by Özel Ege Lisesi this year. In this festival which lasts a day, students share their interesting projects with their friends and make various experiments. Science is regarded as an essential part of education in our school. Our students become skillful at scientific thinking from an early age.

One of the most important factors that make learning more effective is learning by fun. The 4th grade students learn by having fun exploring the magical world of numbers with Practical Mathematics practices.

In Ozel Ege, there are many sports facilities in outdoor and indoor areas especially in the Sports Center. In our school, there are 22 school teams on 8 sports branches such as swimming, basketball, table tennis, voleyball. We feel happy to be the school in İzmir with the most school teams in  different  age groups and sports branches.

Apart from team sports, students join the sports facilities they prefer in their optional courses. Students starting from the 3rd grades also may attend the courses on Saturdays.

Our primary students under the guidance of their teachers cooperate with many non-governmental organizations and schools in social areas.  Our students works a helpful individuals of their society by doing social works in health, education, science and art areas and they are educated with this vision.