Özel Ege Lisesi expresses the reason of its existence by the mission of 'to raise the trustworthy leaders of the future who can live anywhere in the world, and who are faithful to his national values'. From 2000-2012, our school has achieved the success of placing its 503 students out of 505 to a university programme. The ratio of the students who won the university between those years is 99.6 %. 33.2 % of the students won Bilkent, Boğaziçi, Galatasaray, İstanbul teknik, Koç, Orta Doğu Teknik and Sabancı University; 28.8 % of them the other state universities in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir; 23.1 % of them private universities apart from Bilkent, Koç, and Sabancı; 13.3 % of them state universities of the cities outside of 3 big cities; 1.6 % of them the universities in the USA.

Since 2009, students who have graduated from Özel Ege Lisesi have mostly preferred the departments of Medicine, Industrial, Electric - Electronics, Machine, Computer and Construction Engineering.

Özel Ege Lisesi is at the top of the schools in İzmir and Turkey in 2010 /2011 YGS and LYS as it was the case before. Özel Ege Lisesi has haken the first place in İzmir out of 70 Anatolian High Schools including 48 state schools and 22 private schools considering the scores of YGS-3, YGS-4, and YGS-5, in addition, it has taken the second place in YGS-6, and the third place in both YGS-1 and YGS-2. Our school has taken the first place out of all Anatolian High Schools in İzmir in Turkish -Maths, Turkish-Social-Sciences scores, and the second place in Maths -Science scores. In the list of private Anatolian High Schools of Turkey, özel Ege Lisesi has been placed between the second and sixth rank in all kinds of scores out of 334 schools in YGS, 329 schools in LYS.

Our graduates have been placed in the highest positions in the National University Entrance Examinations.  Every one graduate in nine students was placed among the 1.000 students throughout the country since 2001.
Özel Ege students find themselves in rich cultural, sporty and social life beside their academic lives. 
Our students lead a lise life upon international exchange programmes, Model United Nation works,TUBITAK projects, public work, foreign language dramas, folk dancing, debates, other social activities which contribute their individual improvement and optional studies. Whatever career she/he chooses, our goal is to train  an Özel Ege graduate as a public leader.

The importance of creating  a project for our school is to prepare a high profiled individuals for the country’s future, as well as, well qualified, eager to improve in science and have the excitement of invention and will lead this excitement through his life.

The amount of high quality projects produced in science is an indicator of the importance of scientific studies in our school. Our scientific thought is also the main body of our education system.

As a result of this approach our school established The Chairmanship of Science Committee in 2009. Three full time science doctors who are the experts in maths, chemistry, and physics have been working in this committee.

The Science Committee which influence the academic and scientific studies of the students raised the quality and quantity of the scientific studies in our lise department. 
Our students have been participating national and international competitions successfully which have been organized by our high school department and many universities as well as national project competitions and scientific olympics performed by TUBITAK the Chairmanship of Scientific Human Countenance. They have been getting degrees and representing our school successfully.

In 2012 seven of the projects prepared by our students were invited  to 43rd of TUBITAK  Middle School Students Research Projects Competition  in İzmir District Exhibition; in the end Özel Ege students got the three of first runner up awards in Physics and Chemistry.Our school has been one of the most successful schools in Aegean District Exhibition by getting 3 out of 19 projects which is going to go to the National Final Competition in Ankara.

The projects that are done under the leadership of the Supreme Council for Science, are recorded in the Scientific Projects Book that is published in our school every year. Even only this publication proves the other aspect of the value that is given to producing projects.

Another important issue that is emphasized is our international cooperations. Özel Ege Lisesi has been participating in Harvard Model United Nations that is held in the United States of America since 2000 and has become one of the two institutions that represents our country in Harvard MUN in the 2000s. After our participation,many schools in our country noticed the importance of these studies and took place among the attendants. Our students improve their talents about debate in a foreign language by attending in an international conference, in which each country represents another country. The students also get some information and become experienced about global issues.

The importance of the conference is that, the decisions that are taken here are sent to United Nations Organization as a recommendation.
Özel Ege Lisesi has been participating in Model United Nations Studies that take place in our country since 2007. At the same time we are involved in HMCE (Harvard Model Congress Europe) that is a part of Europe Harvard MUN.

Our students have a great interest and demand to these sudies that are arranged in our school. The relevant application for the year 2012 was made to Yale and Princeton Universities in order to satisfy our students’ demands. As we got a positive reply,we will direct our students who participate MUN studies to Harvard, Yale and Princeton which are the most known three universities of the United States.

Another international cooperation of our school is Global Young Leaders Conference. The students can only attend to this conference by getting an individual invitation that they receive. The young leader applicants who come from different countries of the world get a lot of information and experience about economics, politics, diplomacy, the communication between cultures and global problems by coming together with the international administrators and academicians.

We have been annually organizing an exchange programme with Fudan Uluslararası Lisesi (International School) in China since 2008. A group of our students go to China as part of the programme and attend a two-week exchange programme. Similarly, a group of students from Fudan Lisesi visit our school. By the help of this programme, students gain knowledge and experience on the basis of national and international topics in addition to having lessons and participating various kinds of travel and activities. Besides, they gather acquisitions related to language and individuality.

The successful performance, which our students represent in international team works, is closely linked with their taking intense foreign language studies at Özel Ege. Our students progress influentially by gaining the lessons of English up to 16 hours related to their class levels and optional second foreign language (German or French), which firstly start in preschool years.

The other important issue at Özel Ege is optional subjects. We have been trying to lay the base for our students in their academical and business lives by giving a broad perspective about national and global matters. Özel Ege Lisesi gives these optional subjects: Management Science, International Relations, Diction and Oratory, Astronomy and Space Sciences, Epistemology, Democracy and Civil Rights, Art of English Eloquence and Writing, Management and Art History. All of these subjects are instructed by academicians of various universities and qualified people.

In addition, our 10th graders can pick their own activities out of these options: athleticism, basketball, photography, French drama, go, table tennis, debate, music, cinema, TOEFL, or volleyball.

Sport is a basic element of daily life at Özel Ege Lisesi.  The high school has teams of men's  table tennis, women's swimming, women's volleyball, men's basketball and women's folklore. The students, who individually train in athleticism, represent our school in various contests. The final results of teams are displayed in honor area at sports palace.

Another event which our students attend is the Turkish Debate League which is held by the Turkish Private Schools Association. The debate having approximately 200-year history is highly regarded by the world's greatest universities. In order to participate in the league, our students have started studying since the beginning of the academic year.

In addition to English and Turkish Drama, the students in French Drama represent our school by participating in Gros Chantier which is an International Theater Festival in Izmir. Our students whose second language is French has been attending this organization which is usually attended by  Francophone schools.

Ozel Ege Lisesi aims to prepare its students for getting  a community service perception  through taking part in different organizations from the early ages.  9th and 10th grade students of Ozel Ege  tutor the students from different schools  in order to increase their  academic levels. Since 2000 9th grade students have been doing their community service which consists of a four-hour academic program in institutions named as  EÇEV and TEGV  at the weekends. Each 9th grader has to complete 25 hour of community service via tutoring the students, participating in English drama in the institution and giving assistance to supply some educational materials to the institution.

We offer  a  job shadowing program  in order to help our students  recognize  job opportunities and make the right career choice.Students spend a whole day with a proffessional currently  working in their career field of interest so that  they are able to figure out if the job is right for them and  matches their personality.By participating in job shadowing program, our students have an opportunity to observe activities done by proffesionals ranging from computer engineers to fashion designers and archaeologists.

Özel Ege Lisesi is committed to its alumni. Students keep in touch  via Özel Ege Lisesi Alumni Association  and old and new students meet at the school reunion  that is held every year .The graduates of our school share their experiences about college life,choosing a job and scholarship with new students.Especially,the eleventh and twelfth graders make use of the information provided at  the meetings.

You can also have the information about alumni’s career and  academic lives on our school website.

Özel Ege Lisesi offers  a wide range of opportunities  for  students and it aims at training students  to make them successful ,self-confident,sophisticated  and  interested  in sports and  art. Our school doesn’t refrain from any sacrifice  to  achieve this goal.