We sincerely thank you for your interest in Özel Ege Lisesi. We would like to remind you of the criteria of the institution you have applied to work at while coming to a conclusion.

Özel Ege Lisesi does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, creed, race, color or national and ethnic origin in the administration of its policies.

The school gives utmost consideration to the views of the academic departments with regards to the application. All the employment decisions are based on merit. Before or during the application naming the people whom the applicant thinks there is an affiliation with one of the heads of the school (except for the writing personal references part below) does not contribute positively to the assessment of the application; actually it does contribute negatively. Since the application is personal, only the qualifications of the applicant are considered.

The school from which the applicant has graduated, his/her background as a student, work experience (if there is any), the quality of building human relationships, the ability to work in groups, language and communication skills, the ability to use foreign languages, and the knowledge of technology are all considered as a whole. The school does not have any prejudgements on having inexperienced teachers on behalf of having young people in the institution.

Please be careful about filling in the application form completely and adding a photograph of yourself. You can also add your personal CV to the form. Do not hesitate to use additional paper if the part given for a question is not enough for you. Özel Ege Lisesi suggests adding two reference letters to the application. In doing so, please pay attention not to get reference letters from your relatives and friends. You can either get your letters from your professors or from your previous employers.

Özel Ege Lisesi accepts applications at any time during the calender year and keeps them for two years. Thanks to the institution’s long term employment policies, a small number of teachers are needed and for some branches there may be no need of faculty members for a long time. As we can see in many circumstances, there may be more qualified applications than the institution needs. Nevertheless, the applicants ending up with no employment decision might be asked whether their interest in the institution still exists if there would be any need in two years. There have been teachers who started working in our school although their initial applications are not accepted.

Only the applicants who come to any of the interview phases are formally informed about the final decision of the application.

Online Application Form for teachers