Özel Ege’s goal is to raise leaders and managers of tomorrow. The school isn’t only an institution preparing students for the higher education but also it is aiming to give the understanding and background necessary to equip them for their future lives after their higher education.
In its general structure, Özel Ege has a free but disciplined atmosphere. These two notions are believed not to contradict one another; on the contrary, they are believed to survive together when they are realized with logic. This reflects the philosophy of Özel Ege Lisesi.
The school’s understanding of discipline is dependent on the students’ taking the responsibility of their own words and behavior. Unseen discipline is taken as a basis; and with this discipline a sense of self-confidence is given to our children, which helps them to be at the right place in the right time and make the right decisions about themselves.

Absolute respect and tolerance to the identity, rights and freedom of others is an inseparable part of our education philosophy. Any student who shows a weakness on the foregoing will be faced with the least tolerance.

The school gives importance to continuation and increase of personal development as a basic principle. The students’ productivity, their ideas and criticisms are taken very seriously. Any contribution of the student to school’s development and social life, including himself or herself, is supported. We aim at the development of a generation who can give the education they get, back to the next generation and who can realize the importance of this for society.

At Özel Ege Lisesi, where personal development is aimed at, having your own way is not supported. On the contrary, the students are told that an increase in personal benefits will not help general social welfare and that an increase in social benefits for all should be the final target.

In many situations, including some school rules, students’ opinions are asked. Their ideas and experiences are appreciated, even when limited. In the communication chain starting with the students and involving the families, Özel Ege Lisesi has a participating spirit and a sharing education model.