Özel Ege Secondary School includes 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Students are enrolled in our school with an exam and the renewal of enrollment for those grades is done according to the enrollment calendar announced by the school.

The students in these age groups start to gain awereness of being the individual and young. Appications and activities planned for our students  serve our aim mentioned in our mission that is “...to raise the reliable leaders of the future.”

The education philosophy of the school is to raise leaders and managers of the future. Özel Ege has free but disciplined atmosphere. The students are expected to act  with the awareness of being the member of Özel Ege Lisesi not only in school but also in their private and social lives. This notion reflects the philosophy of Özel Ege.

The school’s philosophy is based on the sustainability of individual improvement and its necessity to continue. The students are taught the importance of protecting individual benefits as well as social benefits. The students’ productivity, ideas and comments are taken into consideration. Ozel Ege has a participant and sharing education model in the communication process that starts from the students and reaches out to the families.

Ozel Ege has been struggling to provide the students with the necessary virtues, values and personality qualifications. Giving the students self-confidence and ability to socialize as well as making them realize the importance of human relations, realities of the society, national sensitivity and national values are the school’s top priority. The social, cultural and academic studies carried out at our school serves this purpose. Social clubs, cultural and athletic studies, Turkish Scientific and Technical Researches Institution http://tureng.com/search/turkish scientific and technical researches institution(TUBITAK) and the studies of the science committee aim to prepare the students as well-equipped individuals at an early stage.

The clubs organized at our secondary school section give each student the opportunity to participate and they provide the students with environments that support their cultural, social, artistic, and physical development. All these activities are carried out within the school hours and by experts in their fields. The students can take part in 35 different branches of clubs ranging from drama to chess, swimming to basketball, scrabble to photography and Go, a strategic board game, to dance.  The students are given equal opportunities to discover themselves in accordance with their interests and wishes.

Our school which knows that it needs the physical conditions and the equipment to organise these activities  has continued its investments  and brought its campus to the level  of answering all kinds of needs. Our sport center which has a gymnasium and semi olymic swimming pool, Yüksel Eraslan Cultural Center which has one of the most extensive and decent halls and also indoor and outdoor playfields are brought into use of  the students. In middle school department foreign language lessons are given  by Turkish and foreign teachers between 10-16 hours a week. Our students have German and French lessons as  elective courses besides English.

There has been a huge turnout from the students of middle school to the summer schools that are held every year in England. Our students have the chance to develop their English and know about different cultures in the accompany with their teachers  for three weeks. A group of middle school students have visited the schools in France that have collaboration with our school in the leadership of their teachers  for the last two years.Our students who went to Marcel Massot Primary School in the Provence region of France in 2012 met with their penpals to whom they had written before. The students who attended an extensive schedule at the schools they went, had the opportunity of developing their foreign language and knowing about a different country  through the cultural visits.

In Özel Ege Lisesi, students' social, cultural and academic development is considered as a whole. In this context, academic courses are held after school in order to build a solid academic ground and improve their lacking topics to support the development of students. The student's course attendance and parent-school collaboration is important in this application. Our corporate objective is to prepare our students to be the best equipped for the secondary education.

Literary work studies have been continued for many years in our school. This application, including secondary school students, is based on reading of two literary works, one in Turkish and one in English, in each semester. Students introduce their Turkish and English works in a written form in accordance with the standard forms that have been separately prepared. In addition, each student presents the books orally in his class. The educational attainment of this application is to develop students' feelings of self-confidence, public speaking skills, as well as to help them gain a habit of taking responsibility and using time efficiently.

The yearly project is a study which starts at 4th grade and continues up to middle school. It is a team work of students on a topic. Projects are prepared by students in writing form. They are also presented orally to the teachers and the students of the same class. Selected projects are published in Özel Ege Lisesi Projects Book, which is yearly prepared. These studies contribute the shaping of students' scientific thinking skills, and their education as questioning and researching individuals.

In our school, "The Science Project Competition Between Classes" covers 4th and 5th grades. In this competition, where projects that are unique from each other are exhibited, awards are given in several areas, such as environment, energy, creativity, technology and design. Projects are evaluated by a jury of academics and science teachers.

In our school, scientific studies and TUBITAK projects are carried out by our science committee and teachers. Our school has been participated in competitions such as “This Is My Work Project Competition " and “INEPO Environmental Project Olympiad”, organized by Ministry of Education and TÜBİTAK, in branches of Science and Technology and Mathematics on secondary school level.

In 2011-2012 academic year, Özel Ege Lisesi became a school whose projects were accepted most in the ‘’ This is my work - İzmir Regional Project Competition Exhibition ‘’ in the Aegean Region.  Five projects prepared by students were found worth to exhibit  after three eliminations.

TUBITAK  Science Olympics preparotary work is being done in school in 5th, 6th ,7th and 8th grades in the branch of mathematics. Science board and Branch teachers take in charge of selecting the students who will participate in TUBITAK Olympic Games and carring out preparatory works. Sports Hall and many Sports Complexes are in the service of the students both indoor and outdoor areas in Özel Ege Lisesi. There are 22 School Teams including Swimming , Basketball , Table tenis and Voleyball in our school. We are also happy as being known as a school which takes field with the most number of teams in different age groups in İzmir. Apart from Team Sports , in elective courses , students can take part in Sports branches they have chosen. It is aimed that students in Özel Ege,  should adopt the habit of doing sports is a part of daily life and maintain it as a lifestyle. We also pay attention to our students to gain social awareness  and participate in the works of community service . For this reason , we cooperate with various non-govermental organizations. In these cooperations, it is intended to transfer the income which is especially produced by the students to the institutions. So, teens take pleasure in bringing out a social benefit. During the year , activities are planned with non-govermental organizations like  KITVAK(Bone Marrow Transplantation and Oncology Center Building and Development Center) , Ege Orman Vakfı(Eagean Forest Foundation) , LOSEV(Foundation for Children with Leukemia) , ECEV(Contemporary Education Foundation) , TEGV(Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey)  and Türk Eğitim Vakfı(Educational Foundation of Turkey)

We see that the education  , the equipment , the possibilities and  activites we provide for our children, as the future of the most important investments in the elementary school which the foundation of future was laid.