Just as 48-60 months old children are accepted to pre-school education in Ozel Ege, 60-66 months old children can be enrolled as well, as long as the parents are willing to do so. The pupils who make up the youngest age group in our pre-school classes are educated with the same vision, mission and values as the rest of the school,  except with age appropriate pedagogic approaches.  
In the school each age group is educated seperately. Pre-school children are educated in a seperate building where they have their own garden and playground. They feel a sense of belonging by acting together with the other students, participating in the ceremonies and activities as part of their socialisation.

Preschool Building

The two-storey building, which was opened in the academic year 2010-2011, occupies 1392 square meters closed area. In the building, there is an executive room, a staff room and common areas. There are also 11 game and activity classrooms where sinks and toilets are available. The doors and the windows of our new building have been decorated with strip curtain system. There is a fire alarm and a spring fire-extinguishing system in the building which also has thermal insulation on its exterior walls. The building is also equipped with the most recent technology, such as televisions, computers, cameras and sound system. There are two playgrounds situated in the front and southern areas of the building, and the green field is seperated by a fence for the preschool students.

While planning the details of the building, the animal world which attract the attention of children has also been taken into consideration. In our waiting area, there is an aquarium which is 3 metresx1.20metres and a kitchen where little cooks can practice their cooking skills and art studios where the artists of the future can present their works of art.

In addition to the educational and academic services which our school provides, there is also a high standard in health, nutrition, transportation, security services in the school. The health service in the school is provided by a professional health care company. In addition to the daily health service which a full time doctor and a nurse provide, eye and dental examinations are regularly offered to students in the infirmary of the school.

The food prepared daily in the school dining hall for all students is overseen by nutrionists who ensure the students’ physical and mental development and quality standards are monitored by full time food engineers. Hygiene and sanitation training is regularly provided to staff working in the school dining hall. The school infirmary takes samples from meals prepared daily and these samples are stored under suitable conditions for a period of 72 hours. Dining hall, canteen, cafeteria and kitchen are regularly monitored by the school doctor and administrative units.

Besides its students' academic success, Özel Ege Lisesi feels the responsibility of the students' coming and going to school in a safe way. Our school has a contract with a transportation company who abide by the law and pay taxes. The transportation company is controlled by the school. As a result of this, our school has the right to control the drivers, buses and transportation services of the company. Only the buses of the company that work for the school can use the car park. On all buses, every seat is indured.

In our school , there are security guards who work 24 hours a day.The security guards have  completed  security guard training courses and  have a security guard certificate. They monitor visitors to the school and  control students’ entering and exiting the school.