• La France et la culture française
    15 Aralık 2016

    La France et la culture française

    Les élèves de français de 6ème et de 7èm


  • Concours en Français
    10 Aralık 2016

    Concours en Français

    Les élèves de français de 4ème de Özel Ege


  • Les travaux artistiques de nos élèves donnent de l’espoir
    24 Mayıs 2016

    Les travaux artistiques de nos élèves donnent de l’espoir

    Les troupes de théâtre de français et d’allemand


  • Soirée des Deuxièmes Langues Etrangères
    20 Nisan 2016

    Soirée des Deuxièmes Langues Etrangères

    Dans le cadre des activités des deuxièmes langues étra



Just as 48-60 months old children are accepted to pre-school education in Ozel Ege, 60-66 months old children can be enrolled as well, as long as the parents are willing to do so. The pupils who make up the youngest age group in our pre-school classes are educated with the same vision, mission and values as the rest of the school, except with age appropriate pedagogic approaches.
In the school each age group is educated seperately. Pre-school children are educated in a seperate building where they have their own garden and playground. They feel a sense of belonging by acting together with the other students, participating in the ceremonies and activities as part of their socialisation.

Preschool Building

The two-storey building, which was opened in the academic year 2010-2011, occupies 1392 square meters closed area. In the building, there is an executive room, a staff room and common areas. There are also 11 game and activity classrooms where sinks and toilets are available. The doors and the windows of our new building have been decorated with strip curtain system. There is a fire alarm and a spring fire-extinguishing system in the building which also has thermal insulation on its exterior walls. The building is also equipped with the most recent technology, such as televisions, computers, cameras and sound system. There are two playgrounds situated in the front and southern areas of the building, and the green field is seperated by a fence for the preschool students.